Sales Team Training – Individual Effort and a Team Sport | Team Sport

We hear all the time that the nature of a sale has become more complicated, has longer sales cycles, and that we have more complex product and service delivery expectations.We also hear that prospects have changed from a single-point contact to multiple decision-makers within companies. We have adjusted our sales team-training curriculum. Then we hear that, the skill of closing the sale has been replaced by the ability to build relationships and move the sale forward, and that the complexity in many sales situations are not accomplished well by a single salesperson and typically require the skills of a sales team. Simply stated, selling has become a team sport.I guess, according to some experts, that we are part of the collective, and – resistance is futile.We must work in collaboration. In this not hotly debated topic, the old “find a need and fill it” is lost as simple-minded. The over the top individual effort wasted – In my business world, selling to small businessChief Executive Officers and/or Presidents, all the above would need to be modified to include the peak performer’s individual effort. Oh yes, a team effort is needed – always. It invariably has been needed. None of us operate in a vacuum. And yes, there are complex sales that require more team input, but when I hear that, the skill of closing the sale has been replaced by the ability to build relationships, I get concerned.I get that political correctness has stepped in everywhere, but this is what my grandma would call balderdash – trivial nonsense. It also could look like the abandonment of personal, individual responsibility.
Perhaps, I am being too sensitive and what is meant to be said is that “…value-added relationships have become more important to the achievement of a sale and should be part of the tool kit for sales consultants…”, and that “…always involve your engineers, IT people, manufacturing, human resources, any service delivery people, as needed.So, are sales an individual effort or a team sport? It is an individual effort that is spearheaded by a sales consultant, and can draft any and all resources to accomplish the goal of – a sale. It is the sales consultant that is responsible for:1. Overview
2. Commonality of Issues
3. Rapid Recall System
4. Gathering of Data
5. Custom Presentation Addressing Pain
6. The Cost Box
7. Handling Objections
8. The Close
9. Timeline/Client Calendar
10. Referrals